How to Deep Clean and Organise Your Wardrobe

how to deep clean and organize your wardrobe

Cleaning out your wardrobe is something that many people want to do but often need more time for. Sober people are organized and like their things clean and arranged properly. For them, keeping a neat and tidy wardrobe is very easy. But for many people, dealing with the mess of broken hangers and old Halloween costumes feels like a huge and hectic job. So if you really need to make your wardrobe tidy, clean, and organized then follow Wardrobe Cabinet Dubai and make your life easier.

What You Need First

How long it takes to clean your wardrobe depends on how big and messy it is. It could take a few hours or a whole day. To simplify things, follow these steps: 

  1. Empty everything out. 
  2. Clean the space. 
  3. Get rid of any clutter you find. 
  4. Put your clothes and accessories back in an organized way. 

Things You Need for a Task

  • Empty Boxes or bags.
  • You can use tape and a marker to label things.
  • Rags for cleaning
  • Soap and water are used for cleaning.
  • Tool for cleaning hard-to-reach places
  • A vacuum cleaner with a narrow mouth for reaching tight spaces.

Simple Steps to Clean and Organize Your Closet

Remove All Items From Your Closet

Yes, this is the most boring task of thoroughly cleaning your wardrobe. You need to remove everything from the wardrobe. It’s easy to remember things hidden in the back of the wardrobe or a drawer. Remove everything and put it all on your bed!

Collect Garbage and Clothing

If you last cleaned your closet a long time ago, remove any garbage you find and pick up clothes from the floor. Put the clean things on hangers or fold them neatly, and put the dirty things in your hamper. 

Put Up Anything That Is Heavy or Can Break

  • Any valuables or delicate items should be hung on their hangers rather than piled. This will help prevent any damage. Nice clothes need a hanger to keep them from getting wrinkled. You can use this to hang heavy or long things like coats, jackets, and dresses.
  • If you want to spend more time on this step, you can use different colors to mark your clothes as you organize them. Begin with the darker pieces at the end. 
  • Then, hang pieces that look similar, going from one color of the rainbow to another until you reach white.

Put the Thick One on Top and Roll the Small One

If you have big, bulky items that take up much space, the best way to organize your wardrobe is to stack them on top of each other. Fold jeans, denim, flannels, and jumpers to organise your winter clothes. Then, place them neatly on a lower shelf or in a drawer, stacking them on each other.

Small things made from light materials like cotton are good for rolling. Rolling your items tightly can save a lot of space. To keep your rolled items together, store them in boxes that can be easily slid into drawers. You can also use drawer dividers. They are great for organizing and easy to color-code.

Clean With a Dry Cloth as Well and Vacuum

Your wardrobe is empty, and your bedroom needs to be cleaner. You have to finish your project now! Okay, get your long duster and start dusting. 

  • First, dust the ceiling, then the light fixture, walls, door frame, and finally the baseboards. This process helps you find and fix the reason for smelly wardrobe odors. 
  • Wipe the doorknob and door with warm, soapy water. To remove dirt, gently wipe. You could also erase wall markings using vinegar, lemon, and salt. 
  • Clean the cloth by rinsing it, then use it to wipe the closet rods as well. Make sure to cover the floor well, even the small space where the wall meets the floor.

It’s Time to Rearrange Things

Return everything to its place when the closet is clean and shining again. Sort garments by texture, color, and event to organize your closet. Use multiple closet divisions for different garments to stay organized. Use separate sections for t-shirts, formal clothes, and jeans and bottoms. 

  • After considering these procedures, your clothing will be tidy and arranged. Best of all, you have plenty of space for new clothing.
  • Doing your wardrobe cleaning all at once can seem daunting. It’s better to do it every day in small pauses.
  • After finishing, indulge yourself. Put your favourite chocolates or cookies in a little box near your closet. So that you can get your reward for a good task for your own sake.

Tips to Increase Space of Your Wardrobe

Now that you’re done clearing and sorting your clothes, you can focus on other ideas to organize your wardrobe. These ideas will make it easier for you to keep your new closet looking beautiful.

  • Put your most used goods at eye level for easy access. Keeping work clothing at the front of your closet is smart. So you will take your time in the morning. Always prepare your formal clothes for the whole week and put the fancy dress outfits and seasonal goods in the rear part of the wardrobe.
  • Storage boxes are useful for non-clothing items in your closet. Sort these items by purpose and put the boxes on higher shelves.
  • Face your clothes in a specific manner. It looks nicer and saves space. It also simplifies removal and replacement.
  • You can use pegs to hang your jewellery, hats, scarves, and other accessories on empty wall space.
  •  When you buy a new piece of clothing, remove one old one.

At the End

Cleaning and organizing your clothes takes time but is worthwhile. Pack your donation cloth in a box and transport it to your vehicle. This prevents them from returning to your closet; a good deed will also make your inner satisfied. Keep large goods in any other storage so your routine clothing may not be disturbed.

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