How to Choose a Perfect Wardrobe Cabinet for Your Home?

Tips for Choosing Wardrobe Cabinet

When it comes to storing clothes and keeping your bedroom organized, having the right wardrobe cabinet is essential. Choosing the right ready-made or custom built-in for your needs and space can take time with so many alternatives. Follow these tips to pick the perfect wardrobe cabinet for your bedroom.

Measure Your Space

Before you go shopping for a wardrobe, check the size of the space where you’ll place it. Note down how tall, wide, and deep that spot is. It will determine what size cabinet will fit. Also, take into account any doors, windows, and existing furniture around the cabinet. If there are small irregularities in the space, like sloped ceilings or uneven walls, make note of those as well. Go for custom cabinets that can be made to fit perfectly.

Decide on Features

Wardrobe cabinets come with a variety of features and options to consider. Figure out what features will be most useful for your storage needs.

Some key features to look for include:


 Great for storing folded clothes, undergarments, and accessories. Determine how many drawers you need and what sizes.

Hanging space

 The rod length and number of compartments for hanging clothes.


 For holding shoes, purses, hats, and other items. Adjustable shelves allow you to customize.


Look for full doors, double doors, sliding doors, and mirrored doors. It impacts accessibility.

Interior storage

Small nooks and cubbies to store accessories or some important files.

Choose a Style

There are several common wardrobe cabinet styles:


A movable cabinet that comes fully assembled. Easy to set up but provides less customization


Individual cabinet units can be combined in different configurations. Allows very customizable layouts.


Permanently installed for a seamless look. It can be fully customized to your space when professionally designed and installed.


A traditional style with two doors that open to reveal hanging space and shelves. Provides enclosed storage.

Select a Material

Wardrobe cabinets come in a variety of materials, each with their own aesthetic and functional qualities:


Classic material is available in different stains and finishes. It is often made of oak, maple, or birch.


Affordable wood option that can be finished and styled in many ways. It’s not as durable as solid wood.

Particle board

Very budget-friendly but prone to swelling and chipping when damaged. Usually needs to be laminated.


Sleek modern look. It may be prone to scratches or dents depending on the gauge. Aluminum or steel are common.


Particle board or MDF with a laminate finish is affordable and customizable. It has many color options.

Choose Quality Hardware

Remember the hardware when selecting a wardrobe cabinet! High-quality functional hardware makes a big difference:


Go for soft-close hinges for doors and compartments


Hardware should be sturdy and match your decor.

Drawer slides

Smooth drawer slides make access easy.

Hanging rod

It should be able to handle the weight of clothes without sagging.

Get Accurate Measurements

If you choose to order a ready-made wardrobe cabinet, be sure to take very accurate measurements first to achieve the right fit. Even small measurement differences can leave gaps. Measure the area from various points to ensure it is evenly sized. Most manufacturers provide the exact external dimensions of the cabinets they sell as well.

Organize Interiors Thoughtfully

Take time to think about how you will organize the interior of your wardrobe to maximize usability. Use drawer organizers and shelving units to customize. Install extra hooks, rods, and bins as needed. Consider LED lighting to improve interior visibility.


Selecting the perfect wardrobe cabinet doesn’t have to be a tough task. Whether you’re looking for a basic storage solution or a statement piece, following these tips will ensure your wardrobe cabinet is a perfect fit for you and your space.

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