How to Prevent Furniture From Mould and Fungus?

how to prevent furniture from mould and fungus

Furniture is an important part of everyone’s life and significantly transforms any space’s look and overall charm. Most of the decor in your house is wood furniture, which needs proper maintenance. It can have fungus or mould attacks when you don’t maintain it properly and ignore its existence. You might be thinking how to prevent furniture from mould and fungus before it ruins the whole furniture. To prevent furniture from mould and fungus, you need to clean them regularly. It’ll save it from mould attacks and keep its overall shine and colour alive.

Reasons for Furniture Mould and Fungus

mould on furniture

Before we discuss ways to prevent furniture from mould and fungus, let’s talk about the reasons for this. Following are the top 3 reasons why fungus or mould takes place:


Almost every household has a place that always has moisture on it. Moist can be due to any reason. It can be due to improper ventilation, no air flow or very minimum air flow across the hall or rooms, or any other particular reason. It can also be because of a water leak in your home’s kitchen or bathroom. This moisture causes your decor to get mould and fungi.

Weak Drainage System

Sometimes, a weak or improper drainage system in a house can leak water in the bathroom or kitchen, resulting in mould and fungi. A weak drainage system can cause moisture, affecting decor and floor surfaces. You need to have a proper drainage system so that you don’t need to deal with the problems created by the weak water supply system.

High Humidity

Fungus on Furniture

Humidity is another reason for the growth of fungus or mould. When the doors and windows are completely closed, and there’s no airflow across the house, furnishings have fungi. Humidity can also happen due to climate and proximity to water bodies. Industrial activities can also result in humidity if you live in an industrial area.

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Furniture From Fungus and Mould

The following are the best ways to prevent home furniture from fungus and mould:

Place in Moisture Free Area

If you have lush furnishings that increase the beauty of your interior and It’s having termites attack. You must change your decor location and place it somewhere without moisture or humidity. Always place your decor away from walls, and avoid placing it in direct contact with the wall.

In this way, you not only save decor but it can result in a long life of your furniture. It also minimises rust on metal furniture, prevents warping and swelling, preserves wood finishes, and offers many other benefits.

Keep Your Home Dry

To prevent furniture from mould and fungus, you need to keep your home dry, no matter what. If a liquid is spilled or for any reason there’s moisture, you need to dry it immediately. Whenever you mop your floor surface, dry it with the help of a dry cloth. Regularly inspect your home’s foundation.

By doing this, you’ll not only prevent your furniture from mould, but you can have healthy indoor air quality, preservatives of wood and upholstery, prevention of musty odours, reduction in allergens, minimising structural damage, and many more benefits.

Fix Water Leaks

Mould or Fungus On Furniture

If you have any plumbing issues, you need to address them immediately to prevent furniture from mould and fungus. If there’s a water leak in the kitchen, washroom, or anywhere inside or outside the house, fix it immediately. Fixing your water leak issues can help save your furnishings from termites.

Solving water leak problems will save your decor from mould attacks and reduce maintenance costs, prevent structural damage, enhance aesthetics, increase property value, and many other advantages.

Keep Your Home Ventilated

You must always ventilate your home properly to ensure your furnishings are fungi or mould-free. To ventilate your home, you need to open your house’s windows and doors so that proper air can flow from all sides of the home, and in this way, your home will be ventilated. If you need to turn on fans, you don’t hesitate to do that.

Doing this will prevent furniture from mould and fungus along with a healthier living environment, reduced humidity levels, prevention of mildew growth, minimised allergens, comfortable living space, and various other benefits.

Clean and Dust Regularly

dusting of furniture

If you want to protect your furniture from mould and fungus, you need to maintain your furnishings constantly. Always clean your furnishings with a dry cloth to remove the dust. This way, your furniture will not be attacked by any termites or other harmful sources. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean your furnishings.

By adopting this method, you can protect your furnishings from any fungi or mould attack, and you can also reduce respiratory issues, prevention of pest infestations, healthier living environment, and a lot of other advantages as well.

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There are a lot of reasons that result in fungus and mould for your furnishings. Now, it depends on you how to prevent furniture from mould and fungus to get a clean interior space. You can adopt a variety of methods to prevent furniture from fungus and mould, and these methods are easy to apply as well. You need to place your furnishings in a place that is dry and has no chance of getting moist or having no water flow around it. By opening your home’s windows and doors on a sunny day, you can save your furnishings and your home floor surface from any mould or fungus attack and make your home germ-free. 

If you have any plumbing issues in your kitchen, bathroom, or garden and there’s a water leak due to that plumbing issue, you need to fix it. Fixing the water drainage system will save your furnishings from fungus and mould attacks. These methods not only prevent furniture from fungus and mould, but they also help properly maintain your home in terms of minimising allergies, improving the standard of living, and many more.

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