How To Clean Wood Furniture?

clean wood furniture

There is no denying that having wood custom made furniture in your home adds to its interior decor. Wood has a timeless elegance that speaks volumes for any living space’s ambiance. However, like any other interior element, wooden furniture also requires proper care, cleaning, and maintenance to preserve its long-lasting use.

With the use of harsh cleaning chemicals, your wooden furniture will have abrasions, scratches, or worse; it gets warped. How do you clean wood furniture without having these issues? Today’s post is all about cleaning wood furniture.

Know Your Wood Furniture Polishes

There is no better answer to how to clean furniture than knowing the best furniture polish. Different polishes or finishes can effectively restore the appearance of your furniture.

  • Lacquer: this is a hard & shiny finish that provides strong protection against moisture damage.
  • Varnish: A popular choice for adding a protective coating to your wood furniture.
  • Wax: This polish creates a soft luster to offer efficient protection and prevent dust from gathering.
  • Oil Finish: Use linseed oil or Tung oil for polishing & cleaning wood furniture as they seep deep into the wood grain.
  • Shellac: A traditional polishing option for wood furniture cleaning giving it an amber hue.

Materials Needed For Wood Furniture Cleaning

Choosing the right finish or polish for your furniture is the first step. Now, you need to gather the right supplies to perform efficient cleaning of it. Common materials that you can find in your home include:

  • Microfiber Cloths: These gentle cloths are suited for mild dusting to remove debris and grime. Lint-free microfiber cloths don’t leave behind fibers.
  • Clean Water: Get plain water, which is clean. This is ideal for washing wood furniture effectively. Refrain from tap water, which has minerals in it that cause streaks after washing.
  • Soap: Use only mild soap without chemicals to perform deeper cleaning of wood furniture. A fragrance-free formula won’t leave any residue after cleaning.
  • Vinegar: Not the ACV but the plain white vinegar. Dilute it by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water. This solution will be a natural disinfectant for your furniture cleaning needs.

Effective Ways To Clean Wood Furniture

There are many ways to perform wood furniture cleaning. Some of the common ways are as follows.

1. Do Furniture Dusting Daily

clean wood furniture

To perform dusting regularly is still the first and the best cleaning method. Furniture will accumulate dust rather quickly if left untreated for a long time. Dust can then scratch the surface of your furniture.

Always use a quality microfiber cloth with a lint-free option to dust. Dust in the direction of the wood grain to prevent scratching. For hard-to-reach spaces of furniture, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

2. Deep Cleaning For Soiled Furniture

clean wooden furniture

Sometimes, if left untreated for a long time, dust tends to gather and create a soiled surface on your furniture. So, if you are looking for the answer to how to clean a wood table or other furnishings like wooden kitchen cabinets and dining table e.t.c., perform deep cleaning.

Start by vacuuming the furnishing with a brush attachment vacuum cleaner to suck away loose dust. Apply the vinegar solution to the semi-cleaned surface with a microfiber cloth. After a few minutes of letting it sit, clear away the remaining dust & debris with a damp cloth.

3. Do Cleaning With A Furniture Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are the best tools for superior cleaning of wooden furniture. They work great in case your furniture has built-up grease or grime atop it.

Buy a furniture steam cleaner that works well with the wood type of your furniture. Fill the plain water and turn it on. Now pass the steamer over the surface. Be sure to keep it moving to prevent heat damage to the wood. Right after using the steam cleaner, take a microfiber cloth to clean any leftover moisture.

4. Taking Care Of Rings & Stains

clean wood furniture

Your furniture will experience lots of stains or rings over the course of its lifetime. It can prove to be difficult to clean them but it can be done with supplies inside the house.

Make a cleaning material by mixing baking soda & non-gel toothpaste; rub it over the affected water rings & stains. After a few seconds, remove it with a dry cloth. For heat marks, you can use the vinegar solution.

Some Tips For Preventive Care Of Wood Furniture

While regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to preserve your wooden furniture’s look, you can take some preventive measures as well. These preventive measures will preserve your furniture for a long time.

  • Protect from rings and heat marks by using placemats for dishes, and coasters for glasses & cups.
  • Do not leave your furniture under prolonged exposure to sunlight. It can cause color fading.
  • Use a humidifier to keep humidity levels stable to prevent damage to furniture, such as wood warping.
  • If liquid spills on the wooden surface of furniture, treat it immediately with a microfiber cloth.

Mistakes To Avoid While Cleaning Wood Furniture

Following are the common mistakes that most homeowners make whilst cleaning their furniture.

  • Do not use too much water for washing wood furniture as it will damage its material & finish.
  • People often use harsh cleaners with chemicals like bleach or ammonia in them; refrain from them.
  • Scrubbing hard doesn’t necessarily mean that dust will be removed effectively; instead, it can damage the finished surface.

Our Final Thoughts

Regular cleaning is important if you wish to preserve the appearance, lifespan, and durability of your wood furniture. We have listed several cleaning methods and the right way to do them. Choose the one that best suits your furniture cleaning needs. Follow the right tips for preventive care and avoid cleaning mistakes that most homeowners make. For better cleaning, consult with a cleaning company for professional advice.

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